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Date:November 20, 2015
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Oklahoma City, OK

Fall Gardening is Here!

Scarecrows, pumpkins, and hay bales decorating homes around the city give us a colorful reminder that this time of year is celebrated as harvest time. I enjoy the rich-colors of the leaves painted across the landscape that crunch beneath my feet and nighttime walks with crisp, cool air, making me wish I had worn a sweater. Yes, this is a wonderful time of year that transitions us into the winter, but it is not a time to be idle in the garden. So many plants can be grown in fall, giving us an extended harvest season and allowing us to have fresh vegetables on our dinner tables long into the winter. With a bit of work and planning the fall garden can be as productive as our spring gardens, and maybe even more successful because there is less insect activity that can thwart our efforts.

Happy Fall!

Garden Tasks for Fall and Winter

  • Plant cover crops in the fall such as Austrian peas or rye grass.
  • Clean up around the garden.
  • Don't put diseased plants in the compost pile, but put them in the garbage.
  • Search online or in seed catalogs for new varieties and plants you'd like to try next year.
  • Make notes on any varieties that were really good or really bad so you'll remember what to plant next year.
  • Bring anyting extra from your harvest for the OOGA green table.
  • Come to OOGA on October 23rd and bring a friend.

OOGA Annual Harvest Dinner

November's meeting will be our annual Fall Harvest Pot Luck Dinner. If you don't want to cook anything, just grab something from the store! The main thing is to come and have fun. Please feel free to bring friends.

We will also have a business meeting and want to get input on what speakers/topics you want next year, and possibilities of field trips.

The meeting place will be the same but instead of the 4th Friday in November (which will be black Friday the 27th) Georgia managed to get it changed to the 3rd Friday, November 20th. Hopefully this works better for folks and won’t interfere with the Thanksgiving Holidays!

Check out our calendar page for upcoming events.